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Eminem Releases Video For “Rap God”

It's been quite a while since Eminem has looked this comfortable performing in a music video. Is Shady back again? Let me know on¬†Twitter, or leave a comment in the section below.     ...

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Jay Z Celebrates A New York Holiday

Amidst the controversy involving two separate acts of racial injustice (and probably thousands of unreported eye rolls from Barneys sales reps), Jay Z went forth with his collaboration with luxury department store Barneys New York. In his collection, A New York Holiday, Shawn Carter is playing a dual role of Robin Hood and Ebenezer Scrooge. Stated on the Barneys website - "From November 20, 2013, through Ja ...

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Inspiration comes in rushes. When it hits, the clock is already ticking down until it's vanished. There's a distinct difference between drive and inspiration. Those pleasurable, coffee-driven, short term bursts are inspiration. The long term version that actually gets shit done is drive. The process of stretching inspiration until it becomes drive is the obstacle. My initial goal for itsguytalk was to creat ...

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