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I Traded in my Job Title For a Great Story

“So...what do you do?” was a question I did not want to hear from 2009-2012. It was the first question a stranger would ask me, even before my name. I was put on the spot and I had nothing. Sometimes, I would fuck around and reply with random bogus occupations -“I'm a lobbyist, archaeologist, astronaut, repair, whatever.” I would rather mock the question than fake the funk. Despite how uncom ...

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Don’t Take the Bait – How to be a Big Fish in Any Water

Last night week, I was involved in the most awkward and offensive business interaction to date. I decided to wait before releasing this blog post to make certain I was posting this with the right intention, void of any emotional bitterness. The purpose is to highlight a situation and study the game tape. Basically, I was approached to do some writing for a site. I asked a question and a hate-filled tirade f ...

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