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It’s My Party And I’ll Write If I Want To

I have a weird relationship with my birthday. One of my biggest nightmares is spending it at Chili's or some place like that anxiously anticipating the inevitable. I know it's coming, and then when I least expect it, I hear the off-beat clapping. I'm sitting there frozen in terror as the wait staff walks out in unison carrying a lukewarm microwaved cake soaked in vanilla milk while half-heartedly remixing H ...

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How To Get Healthy Without Going To The Gym

I live my life in a no flex zone, look at those arms. I've been pretty active all my life but for whatever reason never found going to the gym enjoyable. I don't find it intimidating per se, maybe it's the unspoken language they speak in there that I have yet to understand. Or it's the foreign manmade contraptions that I'm supposed to exert energy on - I just found the whole operation to feel unnatural. And ...

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